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be part.

Our vision is to share life here in the desert with travelers from all over the world. We see the garden as a source of inspiration for activities that fulfill you.

Whether you like to process the harvest from the garden into culinary delicacies or produce medicinal herbal products* or would rather get involved in craft activities and help find smart solutions - Romana Garden offers so many possibilities.

Maybe you are a yogi / healer / artist and would like to bring your gifts to the group? Or even create a retreat with us?

Or are you already experienced in permaculture yourself and would like to start a co-creation with us and offer a PDC here?

We see the garden as a place of encounter / healing / learning / being.
We look forward to receiving your application.

* We are at the very beginning and building and crafting are taking up the space at the moment. Gardening will be exciting from winter / spring 2025.

our values.

We take care of the place as if it were your own home.
We leave the premises clean so that everyone who helps feels comfortable.

We are all different and perceive things differently. We enter into conversations impartially and treat each other with respect.

We live in the desert and consciously enjoy the silence and emptiness here. There can be music occasionally around the campfire.

In the desert the springs are constantly drying up. Water is therefore very precious. We therefore pay attention to our water consumption.

important information.

1. Availability:
Mid-January – May
September – mid-December

2. We maintain a weekly structure and invite you to participate.
We work in the countryside from Saturday to Wednesday. We work in the mornings and spend our afternoons free. We either chat after lunch, continue working when we are busy with a task, or retreat to be and be creative.

3. At the moment you will be sleeping in an apartment on the edge of the village and sharing this room with the other helpers. The apartment is equipped with a traditional Moroccan toilet. From September 2024 you can stay overnight on the property in your tent and help set up small bedrooms.

4. We share living expenses. For 8 euros / 90 dirhams per day you can cover 3 meals and snack breaks with tea and a cozy place to sleep.
The ATM in Tagounite does not accept all cards. Please bring enough cash with you.

5. If you are following a special diet, please let us know in advance. We do our best to take this into account. However, we cannot promise it because the resources here in the village are limited.

6. We have a certain responsibility and have to register you here in the village. For this we need a copy of your passport.

7. Please take the time to check the entry requirements for your country of origin before entering the country.

8. You can get our Sahara tour at a reduced price.

Look forward to your unforgettable adventure here with us in Morocco. You're welcome.

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