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I make a one-off donation to a sub-project.

All sub-projects together result in Romana Garden.
You decide what is important to you about Romana Garden and how you specifically support us.

You can find the entire budget plan in detail in the dossier at the bottom of this page.

As a thank you, we invite you to go on a dune tour or stay with us in the project for a week.

IMG_7475 Kopie.jpeg

In order to pass on the knowledge to the locals, we are creating an academy. We build sustainably and traditionally.

0 / 98'000 Euro / CHF


We are setting up a camp to accommodate visitors and learners from all over the world. Snack gardens around the sleeping tents will invite you to harvest fresh food.

0 / 29'000 Euro / CHF


Soil structure is the key to healthy soil. With our compost soil we can grow healthy young plants and pass them on to our students.

0 / 9'600 Euro / CHF

We are making part of the academy building available to an association of women who implement all kinds of crafts. This gives you a chance to get work.

0 / 12'000 Euro / CHF


romana garden GmbH
4058 Basel

Purpose of payment: Donation*

IBAN CH81 0900 0000 1605 6725 0

We thank you for believing in us and the project.

* Complete with the name of the subproject.
Example: Donation Academy

We thank you for believing in us and the project.

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