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i donate and become a tree sponsor

Your annual sponsorship gives us the chance to intensify our tree care. Tree guilds can be created and support the tree's development.

As a thank you, you will receive a little surprise.


pomegranate tree – the fruitful one

The pomegranate tree has a valuable meaning in Romana Garden, because in Arabic «Romana» means nothing other than pomegranate.

50 Euro / CHF

Obst und Blätter

The olive tree lives up to 2000 years and reminds us that we are building the garden not just for ourselves, but for many generations.

300 Euro / CHF


fig tree – the enjoyable one

Together with the olive tree and the pomegranate tree, the three form a strong team and support each other in their growth.

100 Euro / CHF


date palm – the sincere one

The desert wouldn't be the desert if it weren't for the date palm. We also have plenty of space for it and provide soothing shade.

150 Euro / CHF


romana garden GmbH
4058 Basel

Purpose of payment: Donation

IBAN CH81 0900 0000 1605 6725 0

We thank you for believing in us and the project.

*Complete with the name of the tree.
Example: Donation pomegranate tree

We thank you for believing in us and the project.

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