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jessica bilali
permaculture / healing / design

With a strong faith and deep purpose, Jessica moves forward courageously. She discovers new ways and new forms of life. Forms that are filled with meaning and joy. Building a project as extensive as Romana Garden takes courage and strength. Hope and love. Jessica has a lot of that. Her belief in a meaningful life is what drives her. It’s not just about permaculture and self-sufficiency. It's about deep mysticism. «We are all creative beings who want to make our contribution on earth and to do this we must first connect with our soul. If we are connected to it, we are connected to the divine source and therefore in trust. We then know the answer according to our meaning on a deeper level. If we are courageous and follow it, a meaningful and joyful life awaits us. Full of gratitude. It’s worth going for that.»

m'barek et talmoudi
nomadic life / belief / zest for action

15 years of nomadic life, 15 years of solidarity. It is becoming increasingly rare that there are still nomads. On the one hand, young people are drawn to the cities. On the other hand, more and more oases are drying up.
«Life as a nomad is simple but rich.»
For many years, M'Barek tried to find a way to create a life where it goes without saying that there is room for dealing with one another and caring for the earth. But the chances are slim.
«I am all the happier to have found a project partner with the same values. Together we can achieve so much."
And so the two are at the beginning of their journey – full of hope and zest for action.
«We believe in the Romana Garden project and wish that it inspires and motivates many people to walk towards a viable future.»

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