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We live community
With you

the connection between sahara + permaculture.

In Romana Garden we live simply and directly. In harmony with nature and humble, like the old nomadic tribes.

With our experiences we invite you to come into contact with real life in Morocco's deserts, far away from classic tourism.

From a short visit with a nice exchange, to an unforgettable dune excursion followed by a visit to the permaculture garden, to in-depth retreats, you will find a selection of experiences that we share with you.

our offer at a glance.
80% of the income flows into the implementation of the project.


tagounite / zagora / dunes of chegaga

sahara excursion + permaculture tour.

september – may

2 days

2 – 6 people

from 180 Euro / P

see offer

sahara – yoga retreat.

05. – 12. october 2024

8 days

10 people

1818 Euro / p

see offer

permaculture tour.

from october 2024

2 hours

4 – 12 people

20 Euro / P

see offer soon

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